Listening to music is often an ethereal experience for me. At the
right moment and, of course, with the right song I am
transported to a sublime inner place.

Since my teenage years music has consistently been the most
important thing to me. It was the 90s and bands like Pearl Jam,
Stone Temple Pilots, Bush, Soundgarden, Tool, and Rage
Against the Machine were popular and massively influential.
During this time, my favorite music endeavor was singing along
with vocalists Eddie Vedder and Gavin Rossdale. I loved trying
to emulate their sound and passion on songs like "Black" and
"Everything Zen".

It was also during my teenage years when my dad began
teaching me 90s songs and also tunes from his vinyl collection
like Led Zeppelin's "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You". Unequivocally
my dad has influenced my musical tastes more than anyone
else.  He first exposed my ears to the music of Yes, Jethro Tull,
Cream, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, and Steely acoustic guitar. He
would teach me the guitar parts to some of my favorite Dan.  At
that time I didn't quite get albums like Fragile by Yes, but now it
is acoustic guitar. He would teach me the guitar parts to some of
my favorite one of my favorites.

It was my dad too that planted the seed for my love of playing
bass guitar. I was about 18 and he was playing guitar in a cover
band and graciously taught me many of their songs on a P-Bass
knockoff. He also pointed out just how great the bass lines of
Paul McCartney, Glenn Cornick (of Jethro Tull), and Jack Bruce

So for about the last 15 years I have been playing bass in a few
different bands, mostly focused on creating original music. One
of the bands that I played in was Circle of Sanity. In that
particular band I definitely became a better bassist and musician
playing and performing alongside a great heavy drummer and
two phenomenal guitarists and writers. Next, I spent about two
years playing with a couple of guys from the Reading area
creating original progressive rock in a band called the

As for the present, I still enjoy playing guitar from time to time
and dabbling with the piano too. I currently listen to a lot of
progressive rock both old and new. My buddy Jim has got me
into listening to a heavy dose of classic prog rock form bands
like: Yes, Rush, Captain Beyond, Crack the Sky, and Wishbone
Ash (to name a few). Newer prog rock that I enjoy and definitely
would recommend would be: Tin Spirits, Sound of Contact,
Porcupine Tree, and Soen.

Lastly, I am very appreciative of the opportunity to make original
music with my new band mates as part of the Secret System. I
have the highest admiration for artists. It is at this remarkable
point in my musical “career” that the next chapter begins and I
get to create music with these fine craftsmen of sound.  
- Matt Scrbacic