Hi everyone! I started playing guitar back in my teens but didn’t really
take it seriously till I was 18-20 when I discovered progressive rock,
bands like Rush, Yes, Pink Floyd, Genesis, etc. It was the proverbial
light-bulb over my head, and I couldn’t get enough of it, all the complex
chord progressions and crazy time signatures. To this day I am so glad
to have that background to draw upon. So anyway I’ve been in my fair
share of bands over the years, both original and bad. My favorite type
of music project is a collaborative one, creating something from
nothing… it’s magical! Thanks for all the love and support that help
make it possible!

Thanks for checking out my page and I hope to see you at an upcoming


And for you gear-heads…

Paul Reed Smith CE24
Paul Reed Smith Singlecut Trem
Fender Telecaster
Martin GPCPA1

Amplification and FX:
Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister 36
Hughes & Kettner CC212 spkr cabinet
Monster PRO900 PowerCenter
EB VP Jr 25k
Line 6 wireless system
Korg Pitchblack rack tuner
Boss RC-3 (sampler/trigger)